The vineyards



4 ha in the communes of Beaumont-Monteux and Larnage

Located in the northern Rhone valley, north of Valence, the vineyards stretch over 6ha in two communes:
Beaumont-Monteux and Larnage

In the south of the appellation, the commune of Beaumont-Monteux has gravelly, sandy soils covered with rounded pebbles (galets). This soil-type makes the vines root very deeply.

Further north, in the commune of Larnage, the terroir is completely different. Here the white limestone clay soil known as Kaolin gives the vine an excellent root system. This is the only terroir of this type in the appellation.

The vineyards are farmed organically: weeds are controlled through tilling and any phytosanitary treatment is done with the limited use of natural products, depending on the weather conditions.

Each year particular attention is given to each vine to carefully manage its yield (30 – 40 hl/ha), with green harvesting where necessary.


In order to get high quality wines , winemaking combines traditional and modern techniques. Partial de-stemming , cold maceration , fermentation for three weeks with indigenous yeasts , punching down and temperature control during the winemaking.

The aging of red wines is done in barrels without new barrels oak to keep the typical character of the grape variety. The duration of livestock is of approximately 12 months .